April 30

Blog Post #2- Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and sub Questions:

One reason why capstone has really helped me be organized which is essential for me to organize my life is because Capstone tests stamina, and I need to organize my thinking in an innovative and structured way so that the project can be a success in the long term will be a success and so that the other students can connect to my final product by understanding and brainstorming the final product, but in order to present all of those traits that Capstone requires, I need to be very organized and be on top of everything.

    And although being organized relates to my overall capstone success, me choosing a main inquiry question and sub question related to my research so far being organized. Honestly, I had absolutely confirmed what my main inquiry question was, bt the thing that was very complicated for me was the sub questions. I knew I had to gain a lot of research to be able to complete this project, but at the same time I had to be organized to generate these sub questions. To start developing the sub questions, I knew I had to create a variable so that I can organize the strategic process for generating good sub questions. The strategy for me was to think about the components of robotics. The main components are:

  • AI Robotic learning
  • Hardware innovation
  • RAM transactions
  • Coding/programming
  • Economics vs. Ethics


Now ever since I thought of these 5 elements, I thought that I could brainstorm further and generate stub questions that relate to my main inquiry question. After a lot of persistence and more research, I came up with more organized and at the same time creative sub questions. After that process, I finally had revised and final sub questions. Here are the sub questions reflecting my main inquiry question:

  • What types of Robotics perform these medical needs, and how are each one of them designed?
  • What is the energy source that powers these Robots?
  • How do they transfer analysis data to a hard drive, or some other physical hardware, or some other physical place to store?
  • Can the Robotics feel based on AI deep enhanced learning?
  • How does AI affect the more human like reactions and actions?
  • Is AI really a big factor of the Robotics in healthcare? Or can Robots advance in other ways?
  • How do the Economics spread out compared to the Ethics, and can companies generally afford it?


Generally speaking, the main inquiry question and sub questions had to be generated by me organizing my thinking, generating a ton of research, and then at the same time being able to install creative and bold thinking, and for me to use these aspects to generate solid main and sub inquiry questions.

April 25

Blog Post: How I developed my Where I’m From poem

Generally speaking, I don’t have much to say about my poetry Where I’m from. I made a video, a long poem, and then showed it to the parents, so yeah, that was pretty much it.

Although that covered the whole story, I did have a many problems and reliefs when I finally figured out. The thing that bothered me the most was revision and really searching deep back into my moments and particles of my past life, and how I can put that on a one pages peice of paper with a lot of words really surprised me. It was a very good experience by the means of how I had to look back and appreciate my past, observe it, and make better contributions towards the future. On the other hand, what was very bad and stressful is simply another hour or so of homework. I am putting a lot of effort into this blog post already.

This is what I feel: The memory aspect is very good despite the homework, because through poetry I am able to express myself in any way that desire to. This generally added to my understanding of this unit, and helped make the poetry entertaining. I felt like in my earlier years of elementary school, I felt so contained by the units that I just couldn’t’ express myself the way I wanted to. That was very stressful because it was a lot of pressure on myself, and generally made me feel very put down down because my own ideas could not contribute to the unit. It was just like reading a book, and not being able to have freedom of thinking. It is the general psychology that kids minds propose to other people that is key to enriching other people’s lives, and our lives as well.

I decided to express my own thinking by making a video, so that I can use all of the thinking traits essential to me and my success, to create and iterate something completely original. That was a really great feeling to do with support from everyone else. The psychological feeling that I felt passed through the classroom when we watched the poetry videos compared to people reading their poems out loud in front of a Green screen was incredible because the people in the classroom as I observed, they greatly appreciated the video more than the Green Screen. I am not proposing that the whole class has to do a video, but it was interesting to see the psychology that was being passed and the emotion. I think that through the video you were more easily able to express your feelings.

Overall it was a great experience, and I loved the psychology that I observed from the class, and how I was for the first time in a long time to truly express myself in any way that I chose too. This was a great unit. Here is my video:

April 19

Post #1-Choosing my topic

Finding my topic was generally hard, mainly because I had so many ideas. Since I am so interested in Technology, I decided that my topic would revolve around Technology. I had 4 topics that I wanted to do. My first one that I wanted to do is generally how AI powered robotics improved humans, but that was very broad, and although Ms. Edwards said to start broad, it was way too broad. The topic was interesting though and came to my advantage because then I later realized how the idea was useful because I was generally motivated to learn, and that I had as topic that I was passionate about, so it would be easier to find a topic by using a factor of me being passionate about topics.

Later on, I brainstormed topics that were related to AI Robotics, and then I came across some more: Data and research gaining from AI based computers medically related topics, and also how AI chess computers are programmed, and also how they have affected humans play better chess, and generally gain more knowledge about the chess industry, including history. I thought these 2 newly developed topics were very interesting, and I wanted to more deeply research them. I then used the same method that I used before, determined to see what can even further motivate me, and generally what I would be the most passionate about in the long term. What I decided I would be the most passionate about in the long term is AI data gaining from computations medically related topics. This translates into AI based computers gaining knowledge from historical cell actions made by scientists, which really interests me because is it technology related, but also generally improves humans and is more efficient which I also deeply care about.

And then after that, I finally used all of the information from research and attempts in choosing my topic to bring the medical topic down a little bit. I then choose as my final topic which is about the robotics doing surgery for humans, and not the robotics that do the surgery are the main focus, Burt the main focus is then the robots that do the surgery physical of the surgery, then robots that do the surgery collect data from the surgery, computers analyze the information, and the humans then program the Robots to do better based on the data that the computers collect from the robots in the first place. I also was wondering how can we improve this formula of surgery, so this ended up to be my topic: the data that is collected from robotic surgery, and how the data provided by the robots that do surgery can be improved so that the robots can do better surgery.

Generally speaking, there were many complications revolving around my topic selection, but I used my failures to motivate me and to better pick a topic. It was stressful, but I have to stay optimistic if I am going to survive this long journey.