May 15

Peruvian Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restraunt Reflection

I have noticed that the restaurant was very interesting and exposed my class to be more open to other cultures. The peruvian culture was very interesting because of the different food style that is different from what I encounter in my daily life, and seeing people’s reaction and exception to taking great food, (from their opinions) which made the waters happy and open to new people accepting and greatly enjoying what they propose. Why I am writing this in more of a third person style is eaue of my allergies, I wasn’t actually bale to eat the food.  But seeing everyone else’s reaction and maturity to trying other cultures food and being open to other cultures made me open to the experience.

Generally speaking, it was a great experience, everyone was polite, and it made me have an emotional connection to the new culture that I was exposed to.

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