May 22

Ellis Island Field Trip

Ellis island was a good historical experience. I learned many things, and I thiknk that will contribute to my education in the future. Anyways, I didn’t really enjoy the trip as a fin place, but historically it was. Very good experience for me to see. Here are some things that’s I like about the trip:

    Statue of Liberty:

I liked the Statue of Liberty because it was a very good historical experience, and for me to see it with my own eyes, it made a very good experience, and helped me understand what the immigrants emotionally felt during the process of the steamship ride, and how they all were so glad to see a statue, and how much the Statue of Liberty made them feel. This made me very happy and proud for all of the immigrants journey to their new life that awaited them.

    Generally, I think that Ellis Island once again was a very good experience, and although the Ferry rides and the bus rides weren’t good, but I feel like the education behind the trip was worth it.

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