June 15

Blog post 6-working on my final project

My experience well working on my final project is hard to explain. I didn’t feel that pressurized, but when I looked at the sheet of when it was due, I did. I wanted to memorize it so well that I would 100 percent not fail, but later I developed a new strategy that I would have a general idea of what I was going to speak about on the slide, and because I personally went through the experience of research, and I am very informed about what I want to talk about, so I can improvise a little bit. This strategy made me feel every confident about my success rate, and made me focus more.


I also felt motivated by the means of how the project commenced, and how i get to share my knowledge with other people. I feel like this is my chance to share what I know, and be me, without so many guidelines. I love talking and presenting, so being able to geek out about technology, with a lot of speaking and in a presenting format, was a great experience for me. I feel very motivated and I love how the teachers conducted this project.


This is all I experienced. I developed a strategy that really helped me, and I am very excited to share my knowledge with other people.

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1 thoughts on “Blog post 6-working on my final project

  1. kdrabkin25

    I think that you should explain more about the final project itself, for example when you stated how you were more nervous, and talked more about creating your final project. I think you can make it more easy to understand, and make it about putting together slides and more.


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