February 22

A brief intro to Quantum computing

Quantum computing makes me smile, to know that the dna and efficiency of computers is evolving. We don’t need to have supercomputers. Just 4 small quantum computers can power the electricity of the whole world, and that includes the area of the world, with the ocean. Quantum computers will hopefully unveil the true nature of our universe, reality, traveling back and forward in time, discovering if their is a god, the nature of the Big Bang, best ways to finance, and much more, questions that by principle are possible to do, but the calculations are beyond any humans capability. Here is a brief description of how they work.

In the classical model of a computer, the most fundamental building block, the bit, can only exist in one of two distinct states, a 0 or a 1. In a quantum computer the rules are changed. Not only can a ‘quantum bit’, usually referred to as a ‘qubit’, exist in the classical 0 and 1 states, it can also be in a coherent superposition of both. When a qubit is in this state it can be thought of as existing in two universes, as a 0 in one universe and as a 1 in the other. An operation on such a qubit effectively acts on both values at the same time. The significant point being that by performing the single operation on the qubit, we have performed the operation on two different values. Likewise, a two-qubit system would perform the operation on 4 values, and a three-qubit system on eight. Increasing the number of qubits therefore exponentially increases the ‘quantum parallelism’ we can obtain with the system. With the correct type of algorithm it is possible to use this parallelism to solve certain problems in a fraction of the time taken by a classical computer. This means that humanity can be able to have access something completely new, prove the reality in 11 instead of 4 (space-time) dimensions to our universe. 11D, pretty crazy. Quantum mechanics or quantum physics allows us to do this, the most advanced math and science their is.


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