March 25

last tech post-reflection

I think over this quarter i´ve experimented and learned a lot about how technology interacts with life, and ivé been experienced new things, especially how circits work. Its amazing how thomas edison had 10,000 fais before he made a sucessful flashlight. insperation and failure is everywhere. This class taught me about life, and Iḿ happy to have Mr. Calvert here with us. thanks to the class.

March 25

flashlight circitry

flashlights do involve some of the more interesting article physics. we learned about how electrons pass, transist, and insilate. the circuit took some time, and I saturedthe wires together by accident, so Mr calvert had to use a suction device, that was mechanical, which I was wondering without a battery, how does the pipe suck in air? any ideas?

March 25

finished flashlight

I finished my flashlight about half a week ago. it was a good experience, because I burned myself once, somehow lost my flashlight a couple of times, and reedid my diagram. I think I need to be more careful ingeneral.

mechanical work is not my thing. i get scared half the time, and almost sawed myself. I got some help from maxwell when I was saturing though. that was a good experience, and I learned how to confidently sautre. it was a new and somewhat enjoyable experience.

March 18

Thailand-light to the rescue

In computer tech for the last 4 days, we have been trying to make a lightbulb, starting with the diagram. Each a square contains .5”, making the measurements nice and easy. Planning really helps me see through how he final reject will look like. We used saws and delta drill presses to cut the holes. Now al I have to do is work with some electrons and circits!!!