February 22

Tech blog post #2

The week before break is always an exiting and extravagant time-especially in technology! I am really getting immersed into a whole new world, and I’m proud to show you this week!


Let’s start with an activity that I had to persevere through-tinkercad. I was very intrigued the moment I heard that what I was going to make would be 3D printed-and boy did that get me hooked! I was following a YouTube tutorial that I found (since the one linked on Schoology was an invalid link😭😭) on how to print a name tag so vigorously and close to detail that I made barely any progress in the first day, but the second day I rearranged my strategy, and I would follow as well as I could’ve. That worked out much better, but in the end I learned from M’s Girox that I didn’t need to finish all of it-so I left it at that. I get that the assignment tested my knowledge on tinkercad, and I now I know I understand tinkercad way under the level the tutorial guy I found understood it. This tinkercad project was super fun, and definitely the highlight of my week in technology.

Secondly, I made a sketch of the dimensions of my box that I will soon design-I am sure this is a popular and highly requested project from most students-and I wonder why-because don’t you have a box already? What would be the use of another box? Anyways, I had lots of trouble trying to render the box in 3D on notability (shout out to Apple Pencil with silicone cover that helped me sketch), so I turned to just making 6 2d rectangles and giving the specifications that way. That made it harder to later submit my order for Oreos on the google form, because I couldn’t envision how my dimensions in each 2d rectangle I drew would add up to a 3D model of it, making it harder for me to complete the form-but everything turned out ok! I am kind of exited about using the machines yet to come. As for now, I’m gonna do something else. I’ll see you blog next week, and many more to come. From your poster,


and very sincerely




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