How to use a clinometers angle to measure in meters

Today we learned how to calculate how high something goes in meters with angles. Today we drew graphs to draw it out. When we launch our rocket, two people will be measuring it from about fifteen meters away. First you have to draw the middle line then draw numbers for the y axis(height in meters) and the numbers for the x axis(length in meters). For the x axis you write down the distance you both are from it(15meters) you have to draw 15meters to one side then fifteen meters to the other side. For the y axis write down the numbers up to what you think is higher than what it went. Now you take a protractor and then find the angle on it and then draw a dot on where it is. Then from the dot and the fifteen meter mark draw a straight line with a ruler pass the middle line a bit. You do this for both sides, once you are done you find the crisscross point of the lines then math it to the meter on the Y axis. Then you are done! This was quite complicated for me but it was fun to learn.

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