Launch #1


Today October 23 2017 we launched our rockets and there were 5 groups in total. This was a very exciting experience in 5th grade for us. I never knew just with our group we would make a rocket that actually would fly very high.

We created our water bottle rocket with a bottle, duct tape, hot glue, a 3D printed nose cone, and balsa wood for fins. We used the bottle as the base, and then hot glued the balsa wood with duct tape on. After that we put some decorative duct tape on to make it look nice. After a few days we printed our nose cone and hot glued it on. When I saw the rocket I felt proud of myself and my group.

We each had jobs inside our groups and also outside our group. Each group helped another group for jobs. Doing this was very exciting, each of us had to help another group, some of us were clinometer readers and some were data recorders.

For our launch we went to the back of heathcote which is the field. The Blasting Rockets got to go first, The Rocketeers went second, L.A.S.A. went third, we went next, and last of all J.E.X.L. I was very surprised when we launched our rocket, It went really high and it was very intriguing.

When we got back we started doing data analysis. We found the height in meters for how high our rockets went. According to the data, today in rocketry J.E.X.L launched the highest rocket at 57.5m high and Blasting Rockets launched the lowest at around 20m high. The height difference between the two were 37.5m. My group Science Minds with me, Mia, Om, and samantha, launched the second highest; our rocket launched at about 51m high.

When we revised I thought about how we could improve our rocket. I saw other groups rockets and saw that some were longer, some were bigger in width, and some were smaller in width. I wondered what could we do to improve it. Our group talked, when we were talking we realized that at the nose cone there could have been some air resistance. Me and Om thought that making our nose cone smaller, so it could fit right into the rocket and stop the air resistance. We haven’t decided which way we should use it yet, but Mia and Samantha want to stop the air resistance by just putting hot glue under it. I wonder if me and Om’s plan will actually work and I wonder if we make our rocket skinnier if it will go faster up.

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  1. Good job Alex and I think you might be able to talk about creating it more like what you agreed on and what you didn’t.

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