Capstone #2 Sub Questions

Today for homework I wrote the sub questions for Capstone. My first sub question is, “What are the risks of space travel?” This has to do with my main question, “what will the designs of spaceships for civilians be and how will the designers incorporate safety in the design?” because safety is very important. My second sub question is, “What will spaceships look like, will the spaceship even be aerodynamic?” I chose this question because in space, spaceships could look like anything, there is no wind and friction so the spaceship wont have to be aerodynamic. My third sub question is, “Will spaceships need weapons in case there are other unknown life forms?” I chose this question because maybe we might meet other unknown life forms who might be a danger to us. My fourth sub question is, “Has anyone considered the costs, and if they did who would pay for it?” I chose this question because obviously building a spaceship would cost tons of money. My last question is, “Have we started building spaceships and if not, when will the first spaceship be built?” I chose this question because I’m curious of when there will be a spaceship to tour people into the amazing universe.

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