Comic book reflection

Reading graphic novels makes me think deeper, using my imagination when there were gutters. Some challenges for me were the gutters and looking deeper. I dealt with the challenges by re-reading the parts and looking into every part of the picture. I changed by writing less and drawing more. It was hard to change words into the picture for me because I was used to describing with words. I also had to put more thought into the story because normally when I am brainstorming I think of it as words and in graphic novels I have to put it in both words and picture. For my story Earth has been destroyed and there are two spacecraft that travel to the nearest exoplanet “Proxima Centauri b” and have to survive on it. One person gets lost in the story but everyone else is fine. The people build a civilization on the exoplanet and live there. I chose my story because my passion project was Exoplanets and I am interested into them.¬†Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars other than our Sun.¬†In my passion project my research led me to realize that the sun was going to make Earth uninhabitable in 1-2 billion years and I made my graphic novels setting far in the future 1-2 billion years.

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