Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Capstone for me was a hard a project. Researching for me was very tiring and boring because I got the same information many times, I also wanted to stop researching and just relax. At the start of the project we had to fill in search terms and try them all out. Most of my search terms work but some had repetitive information so I didn’t use them. Finding a interview was hard for me. Mrs. Boyer helped me find a short interview with Andrew Rader a rocket scientist who works at SpaceX. After a really long time I found a guy named Stephan Ord through many emails calls. He is NASA’s flight Opportunities technology manager. We had a interview via Skype, it was very successful because I got three pages of notes. Writing my script was a hard part. I always came through an error like saying ‘we’ many times in the script. I was not supposed to say ‘we’ because I was not building the spacecraft. Memorizing for me was the second hardest part other than researching. I had to say paragraphs many times over and over, I always wanted to do something else. My final presentation was easy I just had to add in pictures to fit parts of my script and label some of the pictures. My main Inquiry question was

“How will designers produce spaceships that protect civilians against obstacles in space and safely bring them to their destination?”

Designers can use whipple shields to reflect off space junk or micrometeoroids. Spacecraft rarely run into micrometeoroids and can easily plug it up if a spacecraft runs into one. A spacecraft should also have an emergency air system in case they have a hole in their spacecraft, and spacecraft should have dense walls, but not to thick because the spacecraft should be light in order to move fast. The U.S. air force can also detect obstacles in space and they can tell you when you’re near one.

I learned a lot from capstone like how to organize my time better, good ways to memorize, and now I have better researching skills.

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