Building switches

In class one day we were talking about driverless cars and if they would be good or bad. Then we started creating switches for a game. Two people will be flipping cards up. Different colors represent which switches need to be pressed. There would be a switch at the top, for when the cards are flipped to the same color red. There would be also a switch on the right and left. If the person on the right flips up a card with a certain color, the right switch would be turned on, and same for the left. This game is to show the difficulty of self driving cars and how they must avoid obstacles coming up like someone never knows which switch must be turned on.

We all have to build switches, three of them using tin foil as our conductor to turn on a light, when a switch is pressed which has tin foil on it, it will touch another piece of tin foil connected to a wire, to turn on a light. I sketched out 3 drawings of my switches, which use rubber bands, card board, and tin foil.

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