Blog Post #6 Materials

Here is a boring list of materials I have. In my home I have materials such as:

Cardboard, Paper, Toothpicks, Legos (not like I can use these because they are already being used), Glue, Rubber Bands, Paper clips, and fishing string stuff. Outside of my home, I can scavenge for such materials: Sticks and Branches, Leaves, Stones and rocks, maybe find some tennis balls left at the middle school… . There is my boring list.

I have another list of tools I have, Power drills, Nails, Hammers, X-acto Knives, Knives, Rocks (maybe to chip things and carve?), and I have other things that come in a basic toolbox.

Blog post 5

Hello. There. It’s fun and boring having no school. Boring things first, I’m not allowed to play much games because technically it’s still a school day. Now we can talk about da fun things. So me and my brother are now explorers, almost everyday, for two hours, we visit abandoned places, next to our backyard we have a demolished house that we go to everyday. Instead of the house now, there are two lakes. And, there are ducks! But they always fly away 🙁 . Ok no pictures because I don’t bother taking them and I don’t have any.

Blog post #4

So this is a late review on what I accomplished in one week. So I cut two more pieces of wood, which only took us three days to do, and then for another two days, we were sanding our pieces of wood. The sanding part was actually fun. The goggles were so helpful that sawdust kept getting in my eyes even when i pushed the goggles on my face. But the sander was able to sand down my wood really fast, not to mention it was really loud. So I have no pictures because this is a late blog and we have noooo school 😀

Blog Post #3

This week we have spent a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. We have marked simple measurements on wood and cut the wood in an immense amount of time, 4 days.  We used a ruler, and a ruler with a rubber pad, called a T-Square. The T-Square Is a big ruler that has no measurements, its only purpose is for writing straight lines that are perpendicular to the materiel you’re writing on. For me, It was wood. We probably spent 2 days just making “calculated” marks on our wood, and 2 days to cut it. Everyone either used a hand saw and a vice to cut the wood, or a mitre box. I used the mitre box saw. We put goggles on, and put wood on the box, and clamped it down with a C clamp and sawed the wood. As I already said, this took us 2 days to complete.  HMM. I wonder why??? Thank you for reading my amazing blog post about not-amazing stuff.

Yeah this took four days to cut ….

Blog post #2 Week 2 reflection

This week I have done many things, made a Tinkercad prototype Japanese cruiser, I have planned a draft for a wooden box, and I have tried using planers. My Tinkercad prototype Japanese cruiser used the hull of a Suffolk-class destroyer me and my brother made 3 years ago, and I decided to use that for my new cruiser. I used the hull due to the fact that it would take way too long to create a hull from scratch. I created a new superstructure for the cruiser, extended the length of the hull, and added more main turrets. I drafted my wooden box with the correct precision and it took some time to do that. It was very boring. Vague description is o.k. No one likes verbose descriptions. Now the planer was really super very mind annoying which makes the homo sapien sapien really super very bored in a way that he begins to move his hand in random motions with a pencil making very abstract art.

Blog post #1-Exploring Wood Tools

Yesterday I was practicing screwing screw drivers into wood. I found it easy to put the wood in the vice, that was definitely the easiest part, actually, if I think about it, it was easiest to leave the class when the bell rang to dismiss us. I found it really difficult to pierce the wood completely with the screw driver. I noticed there were many (only 2) tools, the vice and the screw driver. The vice was very helpful for maintaining the placement of the wood. Some screws were short, and some were long. The long ones and small in width were good for piercing the wood. The thin pieces of wood were very good to pierce. I think removing the screws were also easier than attaching the screws. Over all, I think screwing screws into the wood was pretty boring.




Building switches

In class one day we were talking about driverless cars and if they would be good or bad. Then we started creating switches for a game. Two people will be flipping cards up. Different colors represent which switches need to be pressed. There would be a switch at the top, for when the cards are flipped to the same color red. There would be also a switch on the right and left. If the person on the right flips up a card with a certain color, the right switch would be turned on, and same for the left. This game is to show the difficulty of self driving cars and how they must avoid obstacles coming up like someone never knows which switch must be turned on.

We all have to build switches, three of them using tin foil as our conductor to turn on a light, when a switch is pressed which has tin foil on it, it will touch another piece of tin foil connected to a wire, to turn on a light. I sketched out 3 drawings of my switches, which use rubber bands, card board, and tin foil.

Capstone Presentation

My capstone presentation was very successful, I mostly memorized everything and only had a few stutters. Capstone helped me with my time management, researching and memorizing. Capstone was very fun and exciting because it gave me the time to research on part of my passion which is space. I hope you enjoy my capstone presentation on space travel.