Capstone Interview #2

I had a very successful interview with Stephan Ord via Skype. Stephan Ord is NASA’s flight opportunities technology technology manager. I asked him 14 questions and he helped me type down everything he said. I learned many things including it would cost up to billions just to make satellites. Right now NASA has a mission called the S.L.S. which stands for Space Launch System, it might go to the moon but it would be so big and strong it could even go to mars! This Interview helped me a lot and gave me 4 pages worth of notes.

Capstone Interview #1

Last week I had a interview with Andrew Rader, a rocket scientist at Space X. We had a two question interview via email. I learned about Whipple Shields, they reflect off micrometeorites that fly 10 times faster than a bullet. If micrometeorites hit a spacecraft, it could rip out a huge hole in the spacecraft. He also gave me a link about Whipple Shields on Wikipedia which gave me much more information.

Constitution projects

This project is a project where you rolled two dice for one to get your topic and one on what type of project it was. This project taught me a lot about the Articles Of Confederation.  Not everyone had to do a project of Articles of Confederation, but I just got it. Everyone had to get something that associated with the Constitution Era which we are learning about in school. We had to roll a dice to get your topic. It was very surprising to roll the dice, I didn’t know what I really wanted. I got documents after my roll. I thought I wasn’t that good with documents but I stuck with it. We each had a topic to pick in our groups and I chose The Articles Of Confederation. We rolled the dice again to figure out what project type we had. I rolled and got Explain Everything. At first I thought that meant we had to write like pages of writing to Explain on our topic, but what it actually was, was totally different. Explain Everything also as EE is an app on the iPads that is like Google Slides but you can make a small presentation with it.There were some difficulties working with EE at first we had issues with accounts, then I had issues with the slides that you couldn’t move the slides into a different order. Another issue was that you couldn’t bring the iPads home to work on it. Even though there are these issues I can work my way through it. I think when I am done with it, it will be a good small presentation.