Rube Goldberg Finished with Video

We finally finished our whole rube Goldberg it took so long, it is really interesting check it out you should check it out here! It was tiring work, and the bad thing was we could rarely have playdates, but the end result was quite good. I hope you like it!


Hard Work of Rube Goldberg

In rube Goldberg there is always a big chance that you will mess up. In the process of our rube Goldberg we messed up many times. For us we tried every step carefully before we put it all together so that it would be much easier at the end. But doing those steps took a long time and quite some hard work. A lot of our ideas were failures but we eventually managed to make some work. Rube Goldberg takes time and effort. You need to be very patient doing it.

Rube Goldberg Finished

We just finished our rube Goldberg now all we have to do is edit our videos. Our rube Goldberg is very cool in it first we roll a ball down a tube, it hits dominoes then hits a box. The box is on a table end then it falls down onto the floor, the box hits a domino and causes all the others to fall. Then one domino hits a mini catapult which rolls a ball off into a track, then the ball hits dominoes again and the dominoes fall which hits some stacked dominoes and those cause a domino to fall with a string attached to it and a pulley and the cage. Applying enough force the string pulls on the cage door and opens it. I think this rube Goldberg is very good.

Rube Goldberg Ideas

Last week Mrs. Boyer talked about Rube Goldberg, I was very excited to hear about it. I decided to be partners with Max, the first half week we got nothing accomplished but now we are starting to build it! I am worried that it will take to many attempts to make it work but I hope not.

Rube Goldberg Start of building

Me and Max are partners for the Rube Goldberg Project, we finished our sketch already and we are building it! It is so exciting. We will use dominoes tubes, magnets, metal balls, pulleys and more as a part of our project, but most interesting piece of it that we are going to use is a bunny. My family has a pet bunny, so I decided that I was going to use him as a part of our project by putting him in his cage and opening it as the goal! I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

Stop Motion Animation

This month and last month we have been working on stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is doing animation with photography, in example if you are working with Legos, you can move your character a step than take a photo once you have many photos you can create it into a film. In class me, Harry and Max, have been working on a short practice film that is about twenty seconds long, its a story with villains and a superhero. Right now we are working on editing the stop motion animation film with iMovie, we added some sounds and text to it, it looks quite nice. I think next we are going to add some more detail to the films.


This is the second day of our progress on our video. This video does not have any edits but I hope you enjoy it!.

Panyee FC

Panyee FC

In life to achieve one’s goal, one has to work hard to accomplish it. In the short film Panyee FC, a group of young boys from the village work very hard to accomplish their goal while facing  many obstacles. They were so determined and never gave up throughout the whole story. They worked very hard to play the game, they kept practicing regardless of obstacles and they have never played the game before and no one in their village’s history has ever played before. These children work very hard through the beginning, middle, end of the story.

In the beginning of the story the young boys really wanted to play so they started a team in Panyee where they have never played soccer before. One villager said, “Look around you, look where you live.” The young boys knew that that meant there was no place to play soccer but the kids got a idea and took a lot of work and built a floating soccer pitch. They built it in the water because their village was a floating village with compact space so they had to make it on the water. The young boys made the pitch out of wood planks and fishing rafts. They used hammers and nails to put together the pitch, everyday after school they would go work on the pitch. After a very long time of hard work the young boys finally finished building the pitch even while villagers doubted and laughed at them. The boys would always ignore the villagers and never let the villagers put their feelings down they would always keep working. This shows the young boys’ hard work finally paid off when they finished the pitch, and they got a small pitch to play on, the boys were determined to play.

Another example is the young boys kept practicing on the small pitch they built regardless of obstacles. They had very little space to play on and the ball and themselves kept falling into the water, the pitch also had a very rough surface and had nails sticking out of it. It was uncomfortable but they kept practicing. Villagers would laugh and say, “ You won’t become champions on that thing!” this put their feelings down and discouraged them but they didn’t mind that and they kept practicing. Another thing that helped The boys were determined to get good at the game and they kept practicing and got good at the game because later on they went to the Pangha Cup and got second place, the practicing really had helped.

My last example of hard working can achieve your goal is that when the young boys had never played before but they got second place in the Pangha Cup, and not only that no one from their village had played before, they only watched the sport on TV. They learned how to play soccer on TV they learned the rules and they learned movements and tricks to on the TV, they had no experience absolutely. The young boys worked so hard they got second place in the tournament. At the tournament they won the quarterfinals easily than went on to the semifinals. The semifinals started badly because it was raining and the other team was really good and at half time they were down two to zero. The young boys decided to go barefoot and got the game tied with the score two to two. They were lighter and quicker on their bare feet, also they were used to barefeet on their pitch but a last minute score gave the other team a win. The young boys from Panyee did very well and got second place. This shows how their hard work paid off from not knowing how to play soccer at all to winning the Pangha Cup.

To conclude in life people have to keep trying in order to achieve their goal. The boys were very determined to play soccer and after hard work of practicing and building the pitch they got very good at soccer and got second place for the Pangha Cup. They never let the villagers bring their feelings down, they would just keep working hard to achieve their goal and they did. This shows how the boys kept trying to achieve their goal and they did.

We have written so many things this year. We have wrote articles, narratives and many other genres.

My Writing Expedition

This year I have wrote many articles, personal narratives and other genres of writing. I also created a poster and made a slideshow for Projects. The genres I liked to write were personal narratives and journalism. I think since the start of the year I have improved in writing personal narratives by adding much more description to them and making them more interesting, mostly them and also other genres. We also wrote some articles on Patricia Polacco’s books. We also wrote a article on the video Panyee Fc which is about a group of young boys from their village who watch soccer on TV and are determined to play, they work hard and do many things to play. On Monday 12/18/17 we had a writing expedition, we put our work out and put it in museum style. Parents got to come in that day and see our work it was interesting seeing everybody’s work. I was proud of our work. This week we are writing a new article on two of Patricia Polacco’s books, and how they have related themes.

Rocketry revision

‍This year in 5th grade in the science unit we are making rockets. We made a inspiration board to inspire our thinking and get a feeling on how our water bottle rockets should be. We ran into some arguments on how things should be but we solved that. In the design process it was hard to agree into things like what should the nose cone be like? What should the colors be? We had a bit of arguments but we always agreed at the end. It was really fun when we got to build. We brought in materials, we cut things and we taped things. We went through some challenges while taping things. We made a mistake for taping the wrong things. We haven’t tried flying our water bottle rockets yet, but I can’t wait to! For Rocketry we also learned about Isaac Newton, we learned about his three laws of motion and how it effects the rockets. In rocketry we did a lot of research to learn what he did and the laws of motion so we could make our rocket better.