Capstone #2 Sub Questions

Today for homework I wrote the sub questions for Capstone. My first sub question is, “What are the risks of space travel?” This has to do with my main question, “what will the designs of spaceships for civilians be and how will the designers incorporate safety in the design?” because safety is very important. My second sub question is, “What will spaceships look like, will the spaceship even be aerodynamic?” I chose this question because in space, spaceships could look like anything, there is no wind and friction so the spaceship wont have to be aerodynamic. My third sub question is, “Will spaceships need weapons in case there are other unknown life forms?” I chose this question because maybe we might meet other unknown life forms who might be a danger to us. My fourth sub question is, “Has anyone considered the costs, and if they did who would pay for it?” I chose this question because obviously building a spaceship would cost tons of money. My last question is, “Have we started building spaceships and if not, when will the first spaceship be built?” I chose this question because I’m curious of when there will be a spaceship to tour people into the amazing universe.

Choosing a topic for Capstone

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At school right now we are doing Capstone. We are doing Capstone for about two months. Capstone is doing research on a topic you choose, then creating a final product to show what you have learned and something to teach others.

On Wednesday I chose the topic Space travel for Capstone, since we are not doing an all about I’m studying the topic Spaceships for civilians that is in Space travel. It was partially a struggle for me to chose a topic because I couldn’t really do more on Exoplanets which was my passion project and I was always interested into battleships but I didn’t feel like doing Battleships because there is nothing I want to research on them. I am really interested into space travel and I want to know when the first design of a successful spaceship is out. The movies Star Wars and Star Trek really got me excited into this topic. I feel like for the site visit and interview I might have to go to NASA or Space X which makes me really excited but I’m not sure I’ll be even able to get there. Yesterday and today everybody got a large poster and started brainstorming questions about their topic on post-its then putting the post-its onto the poster. My main question is “what will the designs of spaceships for civilians be and how will the designers incorporate safety in the design?” I will have to research more on this topic for Capstone. Right now I don’t have my sub-questions but soon I will have them.

Passion Project on Exoplanets Day #1

In school everyone had the choice of doing a passion project. This is like a mini capstone. At first I didn’t know what to do so I thought I wasn’t going to do the passion project but then I decided to do it on Exoplanets because I’m interested into space. Exoplanets are planets outside of our solar system that orbit a star. Today for my research I focused on how do you discover Exoplanets? I surfed the web until I found a reliable resource to use. I understood the concept of Radial velocity easily but what confused me was Micro lensing. It was confusing because the word ‘light’ appeared so many times and I couldn’t picture it in my head until I read it many times, then I finally understood how it worked.

Nerdy Derby

This week at school we did something called a Nerdy Derby. The Nerdy Derby was when people from curious on Hudson came to let us construct our own cars and race them. My car won all races. We built the cars using a small wooden rectangle base, then hot gluing two metal poles(axels) with wheels on them to the base. That was just the start of our cars. We mostly added materials to our cars, I added a big round ball to the middle-back of my car and taped it down, this also let my car flip a 360 degree at a bump at the end and still continue on. This was a very fun project that let us learn more about friction, speed and weight.

Fish In A Tree

Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Ally the protagonist has dyslexia. Dyslexia a reading disorder makes it so that it’s difficult to read and interpret the words but still have a normal amount of intelligence. Ally tries to hide her reading disability and sometimes is very shy, especially around school where kids laugh at her, but ally is also is a troublesome kid at school when she tries to do the right thing and hide her dyslexia, but she does the wrong thing and gets in trouble. one time Ally got a card for her teacher who was pregnant and got the card because it had yellow flowers but couldn’t read the card and it was actually a sympathy card. When Ally is alone she always thinks about her problem and school. Ally also thinks about the next day of school and what she’s going to do when she’s at school.