How do wireless headphone work?

Hmmm wireless headphones that is a really tricky thing to think about. Today we will be reading all about how wireless headphones really work. Caution your brain may hurt after taking in all of this knowledge! Let’s jump right on into this!

Your phone or iPad has a little chip in it that allows the chip in headphones to connect to it so that you can go far distances without have to use annoying wires. The chip is called Bluetooth. Did you learn anything new? I know I did! A radio frequency is transmitted through the air, cool right?

There are two different kinds of wireless “True Wireless,” and just “wireless.” “True Wireless” completely lack a cable or a connector between each of the “True wireless” AirPods. “True Wireless” EarPods or just floating buds in you ear. Over ear headphones are headphones without wires which some people confuse with wireless headphones, they are more commonly know by that name. Wireless headphones look like AirPods but they have a string in The back of you neck that really allows them to be wireless headphones.

Wow I learned the difference between AirPods and wireless headphones. I hope you learned a lot as well.

How do headphones work?

Wow headphones, they seem like such a simple thing. You plug them into your phone or iPad and you listen to music or whatever you need to listen to. Would you believe me if I said there is SO much more to headphones? Let me tell you all about how headphones work!

Well headphones pretty much work the same as speakers but they are the opposite of speakers, but wait headphones have speakers in them. Hmmm that’s weird, let’s move on we need to continue looking at how headphones work! Headphones turn electrical energy into sound by using special magnets to vibrate the air, it’s weird. The digital data is stored in the phone and that is what the headphones use. Kind of simple but a lot of science.

When you plug your headphones into an electrical source a current is pushed into the voice coil that creates an electric magnetic field!

That is all you need to know about headphones for right now. How much did you learn?

How do Microwaves work?

How do microwaves work? Well, I know they heat up food and kill germs but I don’t actually know how they work. Let’s learn all about them!

Food gets heated up in the microwave. Inside of the oven there is something called a magnetron. Inside the microwave  are reflected inside of the microwave made of metal material.
It absorbs the food and makes Microwaves cause water molecules which make the food heat up and then the vibrate.

A fun thing to think about is what will happen if I set the microwave to heat something up but I don’t actually heat anything up? Well the answer to that question is that the magnetron will create things that travel into where you cook your food and will be absorbed if there is no food or water just a running microwave those things floating around will not go into where your cooking your food and just go back to the magnetrons. To answer your question not much happens just a bunch of chemicals and stuff like that.

Well that it, that is how a microwave works!

Wheel and Axel notes

1.Wheel and axles are a simple machine. 2.Knobs on doors, cars and, screw drivers are wheel and axles. 3.Radius of a circle is the point from the center of the circle to the end of the circle. 4.Wheels and axles are very similar they both have loads, effort and, fulcrum. 5.Wheel and axles let you get leverage to unscrew a screw. 6.When the wheel on the screw driver is bigger it is even easier to unscrew a screw. 7.Cams are discs or loads that turn and lifts up the follower.8.Some followers go under the cam or over the cam. 9. There are round cams and flat followers. 10.  The distance between the axle and the closest edge of the cam. 11. The distance between the axle and the farthest edge of the cam. 12. Cams don’t have to be on center. 13. Putting weighting the followers help keep the cams on the weights. 14. Cams can have really weird shapes. 15. Cams are internal combustion engine. 16. Cam shafts ar easels. 17. Crank shafts are turned by pistons. 18. An overhead cams and on top. 19. Spring hold valves against the valves on a crank. 20. Inside a cillindar have pistons the move up and down.

That was my notes from my tech class on October 30th!!





How Gas ovens work

Today we will be talking about how gas ovens work. We will also be answering one of the most popular questions about how a gas oven works! YOu will also learn one cool fact about gas ovens! I hope you learn a lot!!

In a gas oven the top of the oven will be hotter, if you are baking two cakes and one tray is on the bottom and the other is on the top which one is going to cook faster? The top one! It is important that when you are baking two things and one is on the top and the other is on the bottom your are rotating the pans and having the bottom got to the top midway through its baking time.

When you are looking to buy an oven and you are choosing between a gas oven and an electric oven i would choose gas because it is cheaper to run, it is also better for the environment.

One of the most popular questions asked about gas ovens is which gas oven brand is the best? Good thing I know the answer, the answer is Elica 3 Burners Gas Stove. One cool fact about a gas oven is that they have been around since the 1900’s, isn’t that crazy??!!

It’s time to wrap up our talk about gas ovens, I hope you learned a lot and now know what time of gas oven you need to get!

How different Ovens work

Today you will be reading about how Convectional ovens work. I will also be answering one of the owrlds most asked question about a convectional oven!

Let’s start talking about Convectional ovens and how they work! The dish closest to a heating source in a convectional oven tends to cook the fastest. A convectional oven is different than a thermal oven so unlike a thermal oven, a convectional oven has an ongoing fan that keeps spinning as it is trying to bake your food. You may be wondering why is there a fan blowing if you are trying to get your food hot enough to cook? The answer to that question is that the fan is circulating hot air onto the food instead of around the food so that the food will cook faster. Convection ovens also cook 25 percent faster than other ovens. This is supposed the be the best convectional oven in the world, Breville BOV845BSS Smart Convection Oven. Here is a fun fact convectional ovens are also made into convectional microwaves!

The question I am going to answer is….. When should you NOT use a convectional oven? The answer to the question is with Traditional recipes, unless the recipe called for it or your oven broke maybe that is not the best idea!

I hope you learned a lot about convectional ovens, Bye!

Are stand mixers really helpful?

Are stand mixers really helpful, or do they effect the way that the food looks, tastes, and feels?
I think that a stand mixer is both.  Here is how a stand mixer works, you plug the plug into an outlet and then it has a big motor that can easily cream butter and sugar to make a creamy consistency. If you take butter that has been a freezer for two days and try to mix it with a whisk it would take hours to mix it, if you took a hand mixer and tried to do the same thing you would have chunks of butter flying all over the place, but if you have a Stand mixer it has a big enough motor to cream the butter without flying everywhere.

So we answered the question are stand mixers helpful, and the answer is yes, now we need to answer the question do they make your food look, taste, and feel better.

In my opinion yes, yes, and yes. First we have to talk about how it affects the looks. When you look at a cake usually you judge it by its cover, if it had chunks of sugar or chunks of butter on the balloons or on the writing, chances are you would not eat that cake, right?

Now let’s talk about how a stand mixer can affect the taste of a cake or whatever you are making. For example the other day I was making meringues, I used a hand mixer because at the moment it was the easiest option. The difference between the first level on a hand mixer and a stand mixer is that the and mixer the first level is fast but on the stand mixer the rise level is slow like it should be, anyways let’s get back to the story I turned level one on the hand mixer and it over whipped the batter. I was left with a soupy batter then it cooked the taste was the same but sugar crystals rose the the top which shouldn’t have happened so it tasted like there was extra sugar in the meringue. So it does impact the taste.

For the last topic does it affect ow the desert feels.Yes it does in my meringue story it proves it I felt sugar on my tongue which I wasn’t supposed to feel.
In conclusion a stand mixer affects a lot of things in baking.

Capstone #3

I finished Capstone! This project has been fun but stressful. I had a lot of fun doing the whole project though. I think I learned a lot of useful things. I had a lot of trouble with my filming, at first I couldn’t get a good take. I must have taken about 150 times. It got really stressful. After I couldn’t get a good take my phone broke and that was what I was using to film, I got really upset because  I didn’t know what to do. Then once I told my mom she let me use her phone. Then it got too late and I had to shower.  I got up the next morning and it took me many more tries. Then eventually I got a good take! I was very happy because I had been working very hard. Then I ran into another issue. I didn’t know how to upload the video from my photos, so I just clicked some buttons and then I was done!  Overall I think it was a project that was stressful but fun!  Here is a link to my capstone presentation video,


Capstone Post #2

So far, Capstone has been going really well for me. On May 29th I did my interview with Kim Culmone who is Senior Vice President, Global Head of Design Barbie and Fashion Dolls Mattel, Inc. I had fourteen questions that were all answered and had a very fun time.

For the interview, I had to make sure I went somewhere in my house that was not noisy. I also had to make sure that I had all of the tabs open that I needed. I needed a tab with my questions and a place where I could take notes. I also needed to make sure that I was not speaking too fast. Before the interview, I had sent her my questions so that she could be prepared to answer my questions. At times it was a bit tricky because I would freeze for her or she would freeze for me, but it was okay because, in the end, I got all the answers I needed. My dad was in the room so he could take notes in case I didn’t get something she said.

I think that this was a really fun experience. I am very excited to be able to use my interview towards answering my main question for my final project.

Capstone Blog Post #1

In class we have started something that is called Capstone! Capstone is something where you get to pick a topic, you can know a lot about it or it could be something you want to learn about. Another part of this project is to think of a main inquiry question, that is basically the big question and then pick five sub-questions. 

I chose the topic Barbie. I chose this because my sister had done it in the past and I know a lot about Barbie. So far I have taken notes on my sub questions and I got a lot of information like what the inspiration for Barbie was. 

In the beginning I had chosen a topic it was Tiktok. I chose that in the first place because it was something I really liked and knew about. I couldn’t exactly think of what I wanted my main Inquiry question to be, and decided maybe that wasn’t the best topic. I thought of Barbie and I already knew a lot about it, and it could be really fun for me. 

I’m really happy with my decision to go with Barbie. I am also excited to see the end result of my Capstone project. I’m excited to see what else I learn!