Maglev Train

A maglev train is a train that uses magnets to levitate. There is a certain process we had to follow. It is called the “EDP” or Engineering Design Process. There are stages you have to go through. They are: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve. For the train my groups idea was to put one bar magnet in the center and three disc magnets on each side of the bar magnet. For the track we  put three strip magnets next to each other.

In order to get something done we had to do something good. What I think we did great was we worked together. We had two people working together to make a train and two people making the track. Our train sadly failed. It did not levitate and so it did not it did not travel down the track. But I believe we can fix it. I think we put too many different magnets and there was a big height difference.

I had an amazing group. We all agreed and got along. We had a tiny disagreement. But we did great! Next time we will try not to argue and make sure we listen to each other.

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