Animal and Country Study

Eagle Research project

In reading we  have been studying how to research. My research process was to find out different types of information about eagles and jot the information I found into a packet. On our book we organized our titles into subtopics. Our subtopics were, Hunting Techniques. Eagles Body Parts, Eagles Flight, Raising a Family and Nests and Eggs. WE organized our research books from easiest to hardest. And I think that really helped my group and I. I think that the most valuable thing I learned about the research project was hearing stories about what not to do such as not to copy other people’s work.


I applied my work from my animal studies to country studies by, organizing things into categories, and I think that really helped me during the process. And I also had help from an amazing partner.

We divided our chapters into categories we divided them into something called “ Cultural Universals.” The cultural universals are called, Politics, Social Aspects, Economy, Beliefs and Cultural Arts.

My title of my book is, “ The Cultural Universals of Poland.”

My favorite part of the project was working with a partner.bAnd creating all of the google slides.

What I found challenging was that there was some things that I couldn’t find pieces of information so that was very tricky. But I really liked the project.