Designing Rocket 1

                      In class we have been working as a team to create our first rocket design. The process has been difficult because you have to agree with everyone in your group, there are four people in my group. Our group name is Blast Off!!!

Our first design had four fins a narrow body and a nosecone. We used tape to keep the paper body together, and we also used tape to keep the nosecone onto the body. We hot glued the fins onto the body, our nosecone was made out of paper, our fins were made out of cardboard and the body was made with paper.

We used a narrow tube and covered it with paper, but we made sure that it could slip out of the paper that is how we shaped our body. With our fins we traced a triangle onto paper and then put it on top of the cardboard and cut four triangles. For our nosecone we used materials from the classroom the were circular, and we traced them and then cut them out. When we finished doing that we folded it in half and cut a line down the center and then rolled it and it made a nosecone.

I think that making the rocket was a super fun project. It used a lot of creativity and I can’t wait to make another one.

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