Launch 1

Our first launch we learned a lot. It was not very successful but we had a second chance and we fixed it and then it was the third highest int the class!

Our first rocket launch ever was not the best. Our nosecone fell off and one of our fins came loose. I think that maybe we should have spent less time arguing about the colors and more time about how stable it is and if we think there is something else we could add to it to make it even better.

Once we had the chance to fix it we used more for glue wich definitely helped. First we made a new nosecone, then I hot glued it on and then we taped it. That definitely helped. For the loose fins we hot glued the top and the bottom.

I think that next launch we have a lot of things we could do better. Maybe we could make the nosecone a little more skinny, and the fins bigger and more up the body.

I am really excited to see how our next launch goes and if we made enough improvements to get our rocket to be the one that went the highest.


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