Building Rocket #3

We finally got to our last rocket,rocket three. I am so excited to tell you all about it. I am sad that this unit is almost over but it has been so much fun.

For our rocket it is called the “Lemon And Lime” rocket. At first we had the same colors as our last rocket which were Blue,Black and white. We changed it because another group had the same colors. Our colors of our rocket are now Yellow and green. Later after we finished making the body we realized ANOTHER group had the same color but we decided to just keep our rocket the way it was. 

I think that this was the best designing process we have had because there was really no arguing in our group which is rare. I am really proud of our group. The only tiny thing was two people wanted the same job but we resolved it. The way we resolved it was by me holding a number behind my back and the two people guessing my number,whoever got closest to the number got the job. 

I am really excited to see how our last launch goes. I hope it goes really well because this is our final launch,plus our parents are coming to watch us launch our rocket.


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