Launching Rocket #2

We just launched our second rocket I am proud of it. I am kind of upset because it didnt go as high as we wanted it to go but I am hopeful that our third rocket will be amazing. I think that everyone in our class did pretty well. We made our fins bigger wich I cant tell if it helped or not.

Our rocket was blue and white. I think we may have focused a lot on looks then on the structure.Our group did fight but it was about small stuff so it was fine. My job was a pumper I pumped the the bike pump up to 50 PSI. It wasnt a very fun job in my opinion,but it wasnt terrible. I wanted to be Count Down Master but that job was taken by another person in my group. I hope that I will be able to be the Count Down Masteer for the next launch.

I am really excited for our next launch. For our launch we got second highest in our class, and I am really proud of my group


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