Blog Post #6

We are done doing our rocketry. It has been a really fun experience. I learned a lot and I learned how to compromise and work in a group. I am super proud of my group and the rockets we built and how high they went. I think that set aside the few arguments we had we were a pretty good team.

Our first rocket we didn’t know exactly what we were doing and we had to rebuild it and we had to launch a second time. We had four fins and a narrow body and a nice nosecone. 

The things we used to keep our rocket together was electrical tape and hot glue. My favorite part of making the rocket was that we got to use the hot glue gun. For our first rocket we did pretty well and we had a lot of things to improve on.

For our second rocket we had no retakes and i was proud of that. Our teacher let us change one thing about our rocket. We decided on having three fins instead of four,we decided to do that because we thought the rocket would be lighter and go up higher. We also made the fins bigger and put the higher up on the rocket so that it woudn’t get stuck. The launcher was a really cool thing and it was home made which I think is pretty cool.

Our third rocket launch was the one where our parents were watching. Our rocket did pretty well I would say. We decided to name our rocket,its name was the Lemon and Lime rocket. We named our rocket this because of the colors which were yellow and green. We didn’t argue really,the only thing that we disagreed on was the jobs two people wanted the same job but they couldn’t have it but then it was resolved and it was all better. It was really fun to build the third rocket but i was sad that our unit was over.

I think that the rocketry unit was really fun and that I learned a lot. If I had a choice I would do it again. I also learned how to work my problems out in a group and the project was really fun. I give it a 10 out of 10.


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