Are stand mixers really helpful?

Are stand mixers really helpful, or do they effect the way that the food looks, tastes, and feels?
I think that a stand mixer is both.  Here is how a stand mixer works, you plug the plug into an outlet and then it has a big motor that can easily cream butter and sugar to make a creamy consistency. If you take butter that has been a freezer for two days and try to mix it with a whisk it would take hours to mix it, if you took a hand mixer and tried to do the same thing you would have chunks of butter flying all over the place, but if you have a Stand mixer it has a big enough motor to cream the butter without flying everywhere.

So we answered the question are stand mixers helpful, and the answer is yes, now we need to answer the question do they make your food look, taste, and feel better.

In my opinion yes, yes, and yes. First we have to talk about how it affects the looks. When you look at a cake usually you judge it by its cover, if it had chunks of sugar or chunks of butter on the balloons or on the writing, chances are you would not eat that cake, right?

Now let’s talk about how a stand mixer can affect the taste of a cake or whatever you are making. For example the other day I was making meringues, I used a hand mixer because at the moment it was the easiest option. The difference between the first level on a hand mixer and a stand mixer is that the and mixer the first level is fast but on the stand mixer the rise level is slow like it should be, anyways let’s get back to the story I turned level one on the hand mixer and it over whipped the batter. I was left with a soupy batter then it cooked the taste was the same but sugar crystals rose the the top which shouldn’t have happened so it tasted like there was extra sugar in the meringue. So it does impact the taste.

For the last topic does it affect ow the desert feels.Yes it does in my meringue story it proves it I felt sugar on my tongue which I wasn’t supposed to feel.
In conclusion a stand mixer affects a lot of things in baking.

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