Free Write #1

I was standing at whole seven of the mini golf course. My brother was about to put. I was looking to see where i should put it to get it near the pin. My brother put he hit it was was pretty good at first, but then started to role backwards. My brother didn’t look to happy with his shot. He hit his second one and it was right next to the pin so he could tap it in for a three. He tapped it in for a three and my uncle said ” Asher your up”

I headed to the spot where you hit from. I now knew where I needed to hit the ball to get the best result. I was feeling kind of nervous because my uncle and my brother were ahead of me. Right before I was going to hit the ball, my brother said ” who is winning.” I got so mad because I was about hit and he distracted me. My uncle told us the score and I was down 3 strokes. I got ready to hit. I swung back and forward. It was going close to the pin. It kept on rolling. ” HOLE IN ONE” I shouted. I was so much closer now. I was so happy.

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