Preparing and getting materials

This year in 5th grade we have a unit in science called rocketry. Rocketry is is building rockets not using materials that Nasa or Spacex would use. The first step is getting your group and picking your team name. My group is Lexi, Arav, Sarah and I. ¬†Our group name is Lasa.We discussed some of our ideas about how we wanted our rocket to look which was good so there would be no disagreeing. We wanted our rocket to have big wings and look cool . We thought that if it was just plain we wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Before we could start designing we made in inspiration boards. Our inspiration board included bottle rockets wing designs and some pictures that inspired us to work harder.It was not easy you needed to count on your teammates to bring in pictures that we would want. A lot of this project is trusting your teammates to do work outside of school. Once we finished the inspiration board we were ready for the next challenge building. As we got farther into the project we knew there was going to be more struggles. Overall it was a cool experience and I was ready for the design of the rocket.


Here is our groups nose cone:


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