Alex Rider- Stormbreaker By Anthony Horrowitz

In reading, we have been doing partner reading. My partner is Erik and we are reading Alex Rider Stormbreaker. This is my second Alex Rider book. I also read Ark Angel. I am 13 chapters in and I am loving this book. It is about a 14 year old kid named Alex Rider who is on a mission for the CIA. He is spying on a billionaire technician who is creating a new type of computer. The CIA thinks that Herod Salye the technician purposely put a virus in the computer because he has connections with Russia and other bad country’s. He is handing it out to every school in England so Alex has to figure out what is going on quickly because they are getting released in 3 days. Another problem is the prime minister of England is launching all the computers so they can’t get him on board. I will leave the rest as a surprise if you read the book. I really like this book because every chapter ends on a cliff hanger. This is a great partner book because you can’t always read more or you would read ahead so your left on a mystery. I think the author gives good traits to Alex. Another good thing is that Alex always takes the challenging path. He is such and adventures guy that he never stops thinking. Overall I think this is a great book and I suggest you read it.

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