Launch #1

Rocketry launch #1


On October 23, 2017 at the back of the heathcote field Ms.Boyer’s class had their first rocket launch. According to the data Jext had the highest launch at 57m and the Blasting rockets had the lowest launch at 20m. A difference of 37m. The average was 41m. My group Lasa had a pretty average launch. We got a height of 34.5 which is 22.5 off the highest and 6.5m off the average. I was a little disappointed on how we did 4th best but maybe it was that everyone’s went high. I was really nervous when when we had the countdown I didn’t know what was going to happen. At first I was so excited it made it off the launch pad but then I saw the other groups and I saw we didn’t do great.


We all had jobs for the launch inside and outside your group. I was the launch master for teams 1 and 4. You had to yell really loud if you wanted to be launch master so the people using clinometers could here you 50m away. Inside my group I was the pumper I had to use a bike pump and pump 90 psi of air. Towards the final 20 Arav helped me because it was extremely hard to pump. Arav and I could barely do it combined.

The weather held up well. It was very cloudy and humid but there was no rain and no wind. That morning I was concerned it was going to rain. I was praying for it not to rain so we could launch. I was so excited.


Looking at the data we took the four angles we got and took away one as an outlier. We then added all three numbers and then divided them by three and got 34.5m.


My two questions are

  • How are we going to change our rocket
  • How much do we need to change

I am so excited for our sceond launch and I hope our rocket goes higher.

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