Our class is reading a book called Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate. We have been posing and this is one of them. Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?

Gol represents Kek in Africa. Gol reminds him of his past. Kek use to herd cow from sunrise to sunset, and now kek has only one cow and is in a new place. Kek knows that cowis his life and he needs cow Gol also symbolizes his family. When Kek was in Africa cows were his life so Gol reminds him of his family. Kek’s mom is gone and he doesn’t have family besides Ganwar and his aunt.  Gol also represents his future. Gol gives Kek hope. He shows him that there is stillsome hope that kek can have his old life back.Image result for home of the brave

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