Constitution project

In class we have been studying the constitutional period. To wrap up the unit we are doing a project on the constitution. Each person rolled two dice. One dice said what you would be studying and the other said What you would be using to create the project. I got We video but I didn’t know how to use it so I re rolled. On my second roll I got Explain Everything. On the other dice I got Technology. Explain Everything is a slideshow on the iPad’s. I was pretty excited for this. My inside topic was Printing press. So I had to make a slideshow on a printing press. We started researching and I got a lot of information. We then started using the iPad’s and they didn’t work. I was kind of annoyed but knew they would fix it. The second time it had a different problem. That when i got annoyed, and then it didn’t work a third time. I was so annoyed I would have yelled so loud if it wasn’t a classroom. So far the project isn’t working out so well and I am very nervous.

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