Rube Goldberg Plan

Most Rube Goldbergs plan isn’t the same from start to finish. Our plane initial was to take advantage of Arav having a lot of stairs. We wanted to have Jenga blocks start in his room and ¬†curl down onto the steps and down his stairs. We learned that it was hard to curve the bricks and get the perfect angle. At the end of the Jenga blocks was going to be a pingpong ball the ball would roll down the stairs and hit a race car and the car would go through his kitchen. A couple things happened, we learned that a ping pong ball doesn’t have enough force to push the car down the ramp. We also learned that it is very hard to get the ball to hit the car. This was troubling and wasted a lot of our time. That is as far as we have got so far and I am excited to keep working.

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