Rube Goldberg Overall Project Review

Now that we are nearing the end of a great project I wanted to tell you my overall review. Going into the project I though ok this will be fun quick and not that challenging. I learned quickly that I was wrong. It was a long tough project. The part that i was right about is it would be exciting. It was a lot of fun building and testing our designs. I was very proud of my groups perseverance and effort. I though we worked hard and had fun through the process. Although it was hard to find time to work due to both of my partners going skiing on weekends I though it was very fun working with a group. So far, in 5th grade this was my favorite project, and I can’t wait for more project to come.

1 thought on “Rube Goldberg Overall Project Review

  1. How great that you learned to appreciate the perseverance and effort of not only your own work, but that of your teammates as well.

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