A Long Walk to Water

Our next read aloud book is A long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. It is two stories in one going between 1985 and 2008 between two people. Salva Which is based on a true story about a young boy who has to survive a war between northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. The other person is Nya. This story is not true but they make it as realistic as possible using the facts they have. Nya daily life is walking twice a day to get muddy water. This walk takes about half the morning each.

In the book a big topic is leadership. Salve demonstrates a lot of the qualities of leadership including being a leader, perseverance and bravery with many others. Salva shows leadership in many different ways. One example of bravery, is he is a kid so the adults men and woman expected him to be a slow walker when they would have to walk far to find food and get to a refugee camp. A second example of bravery is the men and woman expected him to want all the food so they treated him poorly so to fight threw that and leave it behind is a lot of bravery.

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  1. Facing fears is a great way to develop the ability to persevere, you gave a perfect example! Can you recall a time when you may have had to do that?

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