Rivals book

In class we are reading books about social issues. Unfortunately when our teacher told us to do this Chase and I ¬†were in the middle of a different book so she told us to finish this book. The book is Rivals by Tim Green. The good part is it has some problems close to social issues. The main character Josh has a love for baseball and is in the the championships to go to regionals. The problem is in the final he gets in the head with a pitch. He loves baseball so much he has surgery and 3 weeks later plays in a tournament. These problems affect other people more than they affect him. When people see him they stare at the scar on his face. He doesn’t seem fazed or anything so I would think he is brave. He acts as if the scar is nothing. Josh doesn’t behave differently when he is alone. He doesn’t really think about and he isn’t alone much. Him being in a cabin with his family and his best friend at a baseball tournament I would think he doesn’t have much free time. This is a very good book and I suggest you read it

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