Capstone #2: Finding sub questions

In a research project all good research starts with a great question. I found that main question but I can’t stop there. You need follow up questions to support your main question, and that is what we worked on today. As you know, my main topic is Football and concussions protocol. Today in school we worked on looking at our questions and turning them into sub question. I already had ideas for sub questions I just needed to word them right and to make sure they made sense. One of my questions is, is the NFL taking responsibility for the injury’s or are they saying it’s not them and it is the players. I thought this was a good question because it is open ended, has more than one question and I will have to do lots of research. I also included other questions about concussion protocol and are the players doing anything. I am really excited to start researching and to interview someone who works at the NFL




















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