Capstone 2018

In 5th grade we do a big research called capstone. Capstone is a research project where we pick a topic and research. Our research is guided by a inquiry question and sub questions. My topic is NFL concussion protocol and how the NFL handles it. My main inquiry question is how does playing football produce concussed brains and what can science and the NFL come up with to prevent them. Originally my question was what is the difference between a brain that played football and a normal brain. I then realized that the question didn’t make sense, so I changed it to the first one. My process of getting that question started with me just writing down anything. I then put those questions in categories and grouped them. After that I put together two questions and tried to put them into one. Finally I chose my best question and madeĀ  it main inquiry question. We then used a rating system from 1 to 4 to see how good our question was. My first question was a 2.5 and my final question was a four. I was really happy with my final question andĀ  am so excited to start research.

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