Capstone part 3: Interview

On Friday I did my interview. I did my interview with coach Verboys who is the football coach of Scarsdale High School. He came to my school during lunch and I interviewed him. I had 17 questions and asked 14 of them including questions like Do you run your practices any differently knowing that there is a risk of concussions and have you guys switched to newer helmets for better safety. He answered goes questions with different answers about being the most safe they can be. I thought the most interesting thing he told me was they’ve had only 1 concussions over the past 10 years. Another interesting fact that Coach Verboys told me was there was a kid on the team that had never played football before high school and he tried it out and in his senior year caught two touchdowns on homecoming. Overall the interview was very¬† helpful and I now might do my site visit at the high school.

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