Capstone part 4: Site Visit

On  I did my capstone site visit.  I went to Scarsdale high school to see the football facilities and equipment room. I saw the weight room and the other offices and facilities. The person I walked around with was Coach Verboys who I also interviewed. I learned that while asking questions you always need to make sure there open ended other wise the question isn’t the best it can be. Coach Verboys also gave me a helmet to use as an example for my presentation. The nice part about seeing the weight room is that this is the first year their using it so it looks new and has newer equipment. I learned that the football team only does contact for 40 minutes a week. That means that the rest of the week there doing technique drills and watching film which I found really interesting. The nice thing about doing my site visit is that was my final step before I could start my final presentation. That means that I am now ready to start my script.

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