Graphic Novels

Lately in school we have been working on writing graphic novels. We first started the unit by reading graphic novels and studying structures they used. That helped me a lot when we had to start writing novels. My story is about a kid who plays basketball who makes to the semifinals and the other teams coach is the son of the ref. Mario the main character needs to prove the the other team is cheating. I started by writing out my story in words with no pictures as if it was a regular novel. This helped me think out my story because I know i’m not the best drawer. Going into the process I thought it wouldn’t be to hard because there aren’t many words and just pictures but graphic novels are a lot harder than you would think. The next step in the process was drafting our final project. I thought drafting a graphic novel was different from drafting a normal novel because for a graphic novel I didn’t know if in the pictures I wanted to put full detail or just sketch it. I decided to put full detail into my draft so it would look like a final product. I then started my final product. The think I thought was most different between novel and graphic novel is cutting down on words. In a regular story you can put as many words as you want while in a graphic novel you need to cut down on the words. Overall I didn’t love graphic novels but it was still really interesting to work on.


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