Technology #7

Yesterday I finished working on my switches. We made switches using all kinds of materials we are going to use in a game. I don’t know what the game is but I expect it to be really fun. I made three different designs that all work really well. I’m so excited

Technology #6

A few days ago I finished my solder person. We had brass wires that we had to¬† fold and other stuff to make it look like a person. Then we used a soldering iron to solder them a ll together and make it look like a person. This was very fun but really scary using…

Technology #5

On friday we watched a video about nikola tesla. Nikola tesla was born in in europe and migrated to new york when he was young. He worked for Thomas Edison. Thomas gave him a project in which he would give him money if he succeeded. He succeeded but Thomas didnt give him his money. He…

Technology #4

Yesterday we worked on making circuits in real life. Last week we used a computer game to make circuits but yesterday we did it with real materials. We got 2 wires a battery and light bulb. At first I struggled with getting the wires to connect to the battery so that I could get the…

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