Information Book – Dolphins

I have been working on my information book for along time. I really put a lot of effort into finishing it. These are some things I did in my information book: animations, pictures, captions and a lot of writing. My class has been also working on linking back to the table of contents and linking to chapters one by one. I think it was really a lot of hard work to get to the very end and you realize it feels great when you get to the end. To put the effort in and to finish was everything I dreamt would happen by the time we had the grade share. My teacher helped us on things we didn’t know yet and things we missed for editing. I really enjoyed working on my information book. It was a great experience for me! I hope you enjoy my information book!


7 thoughts on “Information Book – Dolphins

  1. I like the fact “when it swims dolphins flap there flippers up and down.” I like how the pictures totally connect to the writing.

  2. This was spectacular! I never knew that there are 32 species of dolphins! Are dolphins your favorite kind of animals?

  3. I loved your information book! I liked how you used higher vocabulary. I also liked how you gave a fun facts.

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