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Passion Project 3 – Reflection #2

I have successfully completed my passion project on meals and snacks. From the beginning to the end, this project has been a wonderful and exiting project for me.

The easiest part of this project was to come up with it. It was actually pretty simple for me to come up with my main topic. My main topic was cooking, but soon I changed it to meals and snacks. Meals and snacks was my narrowed down topic.

The hardest part of this project was getting all my information, interviews, site visits, and surveys organized. I struggled a little bit on that, but my project still turned out well. When I was in the process of going to interviews and site visits, it was hard for me because it was difficult to keep track of all sorts of information. I never gave up, so my project did not get ruined.

Over all, this project was a great experience for me. The topic that I picked was just right. Since I loved my topic, I researched a lot on it. I did great on my project about meals and snacks. I am very proud about how hard I worked on my project. It turned out even better than I thought it would. I loved it!