Rube Goldberg Blog Post #5 – Testing The Design

Once Meera and I finished building the machine, we started to test it. We kind of tested it as we built it, but we had never tested the whole machine from beginning to end. Our hopes were high, but we didn’t know if everything would go right.

After we tested it a few times, we figured out some problems we had to fix. First, there was a car problem where the car wouldn’t go down the ramp, in fact, it would move at all. So we had to keep switching cars until we found one that worked. Next, we had the ball problem. It was similar to the car problem except it was the ball that wouldn’t move. Then, there was the lever problem. When the book fell onto the lever, it would just flip over and break. Finally, we had the string and tape problem. We couldn’t figure out how long the string was supposed to be and how much tape we should use. Testing the machine was really frustrating.

We failed a few times, almost every time. But I think there was one time when everything actually worked. It was awesome, but then, when we tried it again, it didn’t work. I think that testing the machine was fun, and frustrating. But Meera and I got along fine. There were absolutely no arguments during the testing part of the project, which made it a lot easier. This project so far, was a wonderful experience.

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