Rube Goldberg Blog Post #6 – Final Reflection

From beginning to end, this project was an amazing experience for me. I learned that to create a chain reaction, you have to transfer energy from one object to another, multiple times. Working with Meera has made this project a lot more fun, and easier.

We would usually meet on Wednesday’s at her house to work on our Rube Goldberg machine. It wasn’t the hardest project, but definitely not the easiest either. Meera and I have learned to cooperate with each other and work together. We have learned to be patient, otherwise, nothing will go right. This project has frustrated us multiple times, but we did not give up. Although there might of been some moments when we were clueless of what to do next. At those moments, we might of wanted to give up, but we encouraged each other to keep going and focus on the project.

Overall, this project has taught me so much. I will definitely never forget this Rube Goldberg project experience.

Look below to see Meera and I’s final video:


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