Capstone Blog Post #3 – Interview

Have you ever interviewed someone who works for YouTube? Well, I certainly have. In fact, I just interviewed someone who works for YouTube. For my Capstone project, I decided to interview James, a friend of my dad’s friend who works for YouTube.

At first, I couldn’t find anyone to interview. And I mean ANYONE. There weren’t many people that worked for YouTube around and if I interviewed a technology teacher, he/she wouldn’t be able to give me much information about my specific topic: YouTube. So I talked to my parents and for the first few days, they had no idea either. Then one day, my dad had an idea. If there were no people around here to interview, why no do the interview by phone so that way, we could interview someone farther away from us! And so my dad asked his friends, who then asked their friends, and soon enough, I had an interview planned.

I had my interview on a Saturday night. I called James, the person I was interviewing, and he picked up. First, I introduced myself. I said something like, “Hi, I’m Alina. My Capstone topic is YouTube and my main inquiry question is: How has YouTube evolved over time?” Then I asked him a few questions about him to get to know him. Soon, I got started into my real questions. While the interview was going on, I was recording everything so I could take notes on it later and listen back to it. The interview took about fifteen to twenty minutes.

So far, Capstone has been going really well. It’s very fun and I can’t wait for the next part of this project!

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