Capstone Blog Post #4 – Site Visit

Have you ever been to the Hall Of Science in Queens, New York? Well, I have. In fact, I just went there a week ago for my site visit for my Capstone project on YouTube. There wasn’t really any other place to visit so I thought maybe the Hall Of Science would have something about technology that could relate to YouTube. But I was wrong. There was barely anything there to help me with my research.

In the beginning, I had absolutely no idea where to go for my site visit. So then I searched up some places that could be a possibility and found a place in New York City called YouTube Space. But there was no phone number for that place so my dad had to go there and ask if I could visit that place sometime. They said I wasn’t allowed because only people who work for YouTube or need to record/film YouTube videos can go there. And so I looked up others places to go but couldn’t find anything useful. Then I remembered that I could do my site visit at a museum. So I tried looking for any technology museums that might have anything to do with YouTube, but there were none. After that, I tried an even broader topic and tried looking for science museums. I found two: The Hall Of Science and The Liberty Science Center. In the end, I chose the Hall Of Science because on their website, it had more possible things that might help me than the Liberty Science Center did.

When it was actually time for my site visit, my dad took me to the Hall Of Science. When we got there, we looked at the map of the museum, and we didn’t see any exhibits or anything related to YouTube or technology. But we still looked around, otherwise, it’d be a waste of time since the drive from my house to there was forty-five minutes. There were many exhibits on designing things but barely anything that could help me.

Overall, the site visit was really fun and even though it didn’t help me much, it was still a great experience for me.

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  1. Your second paragraph was good showing about the process you had to go through. I would talk more about the actual site visit and what it was.

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