Capstone Blog Post #7 – Capstone Share and Overall Reflection

Have you ever had to present a TED Talk that you worked really hard on? Well, I did. Today, I recorded my Capstone TED Talk on YouTube. But this Friday, I am going to present my TED Talk to a large audience.

When I recorded my TED Talk today and whenever I come up to present my TED Talk to my class, I always realize that I’m not that nervous or scared. However, the first time I presented my TED Talk, I was nervous. I think this is because the more and more I present, the less nervous and scared I am.

I think the easiest part of my whole Capstone project was to make my slideshow. This was easy because all I had to do was find a picture that matched what I was saying on each slide and paste it on there. For each slide, I tried to make the picture fit the whole slide, but some of the pictures I needed didn’t fit the slide. Even if I tried to make it fit, it would either end up getting cut off the slide, or stretched out. Making the slideshow was the easiest part, but there were still some challenges inside of that. I think the two hardest parts of Capstone were writing the essay and memorizing my script. It’s very challenging for me to memorize things, so I practiced and practiced at school and at home. In the end, I was very surprised that I memorized most of my script.

Overall, Capstone was a very fun, exciting, and new experience. I learned many things along the way from when I came up with my topic, to presenting my TED Talk to an audience. Capstone was such a great experience and I will never forget it.

Here’s my TED Talk recording:

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