Book of the Month – Ted Talk Reflection

“One Plastic Bag’’ is mainly about helping the environment and ending plastic bags. My favorite part was when the girls were making bags and people were mocking them because it showed that they didn’t care what other people said. This book reminded me of finding a problem and trying to fix it to help the world. The message of the book is taking something bad for the Earth and changing it to something better. I think that everybody should help the community because the world can be beautiful.

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The Ted Talk was mainly about banning plastic bags in Bali. My favorite part was when the girls showed how much they cared about ending plastic bags because it shows they care for the environment. This talk reminded me of reaching your goals. The message of the talk is if there’s a will, there’s a way. I think that people should stop littering because the Earth can be either clean or dirty.

Both of these stories make me think of what I can do to help my environment. In Scarsdale, where a lot of people litter, I have now learned that if I try very hard, maybe I can stop the littering going around. At first it was very clean here, but now it’s getting dirtier. My goal is to have everybody stop littering.